Aug 17, 2019, 8:30 AM
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Hello friends!!

Were back with an enthralling, enlightening and extravagant version of Epsilon. This year team Epsilon has joined hands in paving the path for saving our future by acting today. Our symposium this year will help build the bridge of conservation with innovative and improvised techniques offered by us, The Engineers, the problem solvers, the builders of our society and makers of future India.

We all know that Water is one of the most precious and necessary natural resources we have while living without electricity would equal returning to the Dark Ages for many of us. Considering the scarcity of the former and the necessity of the latter, it is important that we conserve both resources. We all have seen the water and electricity crisis in our country, In our state, in our neighbourhood.

 Can these be solved?? Can we bring out the solutions to these problems?? 

Come join hands with us, take part in this symposium and spread the message and awareness among our people.

About the department

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of MSEC commenced in the year 2003. 

The department lays emphasis on equipping its students with conceptual knowledge and comprehensive technical training to meet the requirements of the industries. The college gives importance for practical training in latest developments & effective student participation in many activities. The events are planned & organized in a manner to improve the overall personality of the students in various fronts.


To develop competent graduates in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by imparting electrical science, technological developments and encouraging research capability to meet the industrial needs.


To achieve eminence in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

To encourage research capabilities and professional applications.

To inculcate moral values and professional ethics.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Provide adequate knowledge to analyse power system & power electronics and work with inter-disciplinary groups.

Develop skills needed to work on computational platform and software applications.

Promote managerial skills and inculcate professional ethics.

Encourage and acquire the ability to students to acquire the ability to design, analyse and build electrical and electronics systems.


The Electrical Technocrats Association (ETA) of our Department is active throughout the year by conducting various technical activities. The Electrical Technocrats Association (ETA) of the department conducts various technical events to facilitate the students to get updated with latest technical developments.ETA has come a long way from its humble beginnings, 6 years ago . As a highlight of that ETA is publishing a technical Newsletter twice in a year  which brings in technical articles contributed by both staff members and students.


Prof. K.R. Sundararajan, one of the eminent educationists of South India, established Indian Institute of Engineering Technology (IIET) in the year 1947 when there were only a few Engineering Colleges in the state and young aspirants could not find opportunities to become engineers. Prof. KRS guides them to fulfil their dreams to become full-fledged engineers through the AMIE programme. Since then, the alumni of IIET have been occupying high ranking positions in state, central government and corporate sectors and many of them have turned out to become entrepreneurs running profitable small-scale Industries and businesses. 

In his last years, Prof. KRS had a dream of starting a full-blown Engineering College to give quality education in various branches of engineering. His dream came true when Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College at Kodambakkam started functioning from July 2001.

Since inception MSEC has shown consistent performance in academics and extra-curricular spheres. The management strives constantly to develop this institution into a "CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE" imparting Engineering education to young men and women, grooming their overall personality with the highest emphasis on ethical values and honing them to face the challenges of the industry and the nation at large.





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